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Meet Katia-Annik


I'm a certified master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and the mom of three little kids. I stumbled upon hypnotherapy while looking for alternative ways to improve the quality of life of a gravely ill family member. When I started to read about hypnotherapy, and then do my instruction, I was shocked to realize how powerful and versatile this approach could be. If you are open-minded and interested in actively participating in improving your well-being, overall health and confidence in your ability to generate change for yourself, hypnotherapy could be a great avenue for you.

Katia-Annik   M. H., C. CHt

Certified member of the International Medical

& Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

In Person and Online Sessions  


Hypnotherapy can be an effective approach for improving well being, health and confidence in a multitude of areas. 

Empowering Tales For Children


Entertaining audio tales focused on providing children with different strategies to make them feel more empowered and in control.