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Visual representation of Focused Bwaves hypnotherapy principles
What is Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy bears little resemblance to the stereotypical images that movies and stage hypnosis have created. Hypnosis, in the context of hypnotherapy, is actually self hypnosis. The hypnotherapist does not hypnotize. Rather, the hypnotherapist serves as a guide, a facilitator, whose role is to help clients access all their internal resources.


As the client's brain waves slow down and the mind calms itself, her focused attention, creativity and heightened suggestibility come together with the help of a variety of strategies and techniques to reach previously identified goals.

Depending on the objectives of the session, one's experience of hypnosis may change from one session to another. In addition, because we are all unique, we tend to experience hypnosis in our own unique way.  

Hypnotherapy is an extremely versatile approach when addressing clients’ needs. I often integrate within my approach a mindfulness component.

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