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A personalized approach to hypnotherapy.
Areas of Focus



Pain relief

Healing support

Sleeping improvement

Performance improvement

(sport, academic, etc.)

Hypnosis as a complementary approach to a medical approach.

Anxiety, fears, phobias

A highly personalized approach for optimal outcome


Everyone is unique. This is why the initial consultation is so key. It is used to clearly frame the motivations for seeking hypnotherapy,  gather the information needed to build a highly personalized session plan and gain an understanding of how the client responds to different kinds of suggestions as well as hypnosis in general.


The number of helpful sessions will depend on the reason for the client's visit and the client herself. The following can be used as general guidelines. The first session is always a consultation and there is always work to be done at home between sessions. Here are a few reasons why someone may seek support from a hypnotherapist:

Confidence building

Sleeping improvement


Children, support with bed wetting issues

Fear and phobias

Negative habits such as nail biting

Stuttering, facial flushing rooted in anxiety

Sports improvement

Pain relief, supporting one's healing process

Complementary approach to the management of existing health conditions diagnosed by a health professional.

This is not an extensive list by any means. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in a lot of different areas. I never ask a client to buy multiple sessions at a time. I prefer to give the client the opportunity to reflect on the experience, decide if it was beneficial for him or her, and if so, then take the initiative to book a subsequent session. 

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